People often ask us what the motivation was in creating Unity In The Sun: and we can honestly say, we wanted to deliver on people’s faith and trust and give them a holiday they would treasure; a week or so away in the sun where they could re-ignite old raving friendships, while making new ones too….

…A line-up of the absolute finest names across the various genres of the rave scene, but all together under one sunny Unity sky whether the artist is jungle, hard dance, hardcore, house or rave. We all party together, as one, regardless. We wanted to create a package that put the raver first and our personal business interests second.

Therefore, as we approach the end of the year (and another decade) and as our scene continues to go from strength to strength, it blows our whole team away to see the love, affection and pure excitement that Kavos generates in you all. From people that have been with us from the first year, to those who will be breaking their Unity virginity in 2020. We never imagined we could create such a buzz and such warmth, reminiscent of the energy that drove the original acid house and rave scenes…. and we have only one person to thank for this. You. You that is reading this. You, that are willing to trust us with your holidays and using your heard-earned money to enjoy a week away from it all but immersed in the most, invigorating truly holiday of a lifetime.

The Unity event happens one week of the year, in May. The Unity vibes and buzz resonates all-year round. One love to you all, the power is strong!


Daniel, Sonya, Jay x


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