Unity 2020


1. This holiday is going to be a very intimate gathering with a few hundred of us going instead of the 1000+ originally booked for May.

2. There are some social distancing regulations in place that everyone will have to adhere to.

You will need to fill out a passenger locater form (PLF) for entry to Greece and for returning to the UK.

A Covid test is not required for entry to Greece but there is a random testing protocol on arrival.

You will have to wear a mask whilst visiting shops, although bars, hotels & restaurants are exempt. You will not have to wear a mask on the boat but you will have to have one with you.

Dancing is not allowed in the night-time club events, but is allowed during daytime pool/beach parties as long as you are in your own space.

As always we recommend taking an E111 and more important than ever, comprehensive holiday insurance.

3. The boat parties have a reduced capacity, and we can accommodate everyone & the usual music genres.

4. Hotels will not be allocated by Genre as certain Unity hotels will not be open. However, everyday we will have separate pool parties to accommodate Old Skool / Jungle, Hard House & Hardcore.

5. We have added a number of all day BBQ / Beach parties and some unique night-time events with your favourite Unity artists live.

6. The artist line up will be different to the original event due to some artists being unable to travel, but we can assure you that many of your Unity favourites will be there with you.

7. The one thing we cannot control at the moment is the clubs shutting at midnight and people not being able to dance in them (although this is being reviewed by the Corfu government in 2 weeks time). Each music genre will have its usual own night-time club.